Prof. Franco Niccolucci

Scientific Coordinator

Franco Niccolucci is a former professor of the University of Florence and of the Science and Technology in the archaeology Center of the Cyprus Institute. He has been the coordinator of the projects PARTHENOS, ARIADNE, CREATIVE CH, COINS, CHIRON and 3D-ICONS. He is the author of about 100 publications in the domain of ICT applications to CH. He was the chair of CAA2004 and founder of the VAST conference series in which he co-chaired the 2000, 2003, 2004, 2011 and 2012 editions.

Nicola Amico

3D modeling and acquisition

Nicola Amico is involved in the research of integrated technological solutions (involving laser scanning, photogrammetry and topography) for surveying artifacts and monuments and realizing digital 3D models for conservation, valorization and communication of Cultural Heritage.

Sheena Bassett


Sheena Bassett has spent most of her career involved in consultancy, research and project management with a focus on information technology. She is the Project Manager for PARTHENOS (also previously for 3D-ICONS) and is also involved in the ARIADNE infrastructure.

Achille Felicetti

Knowledge representation and semantic web

Achille Felicetti is specialised in of knowledge representation, semantic web and definition of ontologies for Cultural Heritage. Among his tasks at PIN, are development and maintenance of digital services and infrastructures, on-line collaborative work platforms, databases and mapping tools and OS web-based applications.

Csenge KosztolĂ nyi


Cinzia Luddi


Virginia Niccolucci

Graphic and comunication

Cristina Pugi

Administration Officer

Paola Ronzino

Ontologies for cultural heritage documentation

Paola Ronzino is a researcher in ICT applied to cultural heritage, with a PhD in Digital Cultural Heritage and a degree in Archaeology. Her research concerns the development of ontologies and metadata schemas for archaeological and architectural heritage documentation. Currently she is involved in the Project Management Team of ARIADNE and PARTHENOS and she has participated in several research projects concerning ICT for Cultural Heritage, cultural semantics and digital libraries.

Stephanie Williams


Stephanie Williams joined the VAST-LAB team in 2006 as an administrative assistant. Since then, she has been involved in the day-to-day management of the laboratory and the European projects. Additionally, as she is bilingual, she is responsible for liaising with foreign partners, and for the translation and revision of texts.

Francesco Capaccioli

Anna Reccia