3D Digitisation of Icons of European Architectural and Archaeological Heritage

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Architecture and archaeology hold a great fascination on the public and according to the UN’s World Tourism Organization, they represent one of the major reasons for tourist flows. The purpose of 3D-ICONS was to digitize a series of archaeological and architectural artworks of value in Europe and worldwide, and to provide the EUROPEANA portal with high quality 3D models and correlated contents, thus expanding the collection of interactive materials available to users.

Historical and archaeological monuments are a fundamental part of Europe’s cultural heritage, insofar as they are a tangible testimony of European history and of the events that have lead to the creation of the modern-day European Union. By digitizing and uploading important monuments and sites to EUROPEANA, the 3D-ICONS project has made a part of this shared heritage available to users in a digital format, experimenting at the same time with efficient tools and workflows that can be applied to 3D digitization procedures. The contents developed by the project include contextualized three-dimensional models and reconstructions and high quality details of particularly significant images, texts and videos. These contents are in part original, i.e. digitized expressly within the 3D-ICONS project, or specifically reconverted in open formats to make them publicly accessible through EUROPEANA.

The project succeeded in its intent to “invade” the European online library with a number of high quality 3D models of European archaeological and architectural works of art that are organized and correlated with complete and precise information.


Digitising content for Europeana

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2012 – 2015 (36 months)