Vast-Lab is a research and development lab involved in the definition and implementation of new technologies for Cultural Heritage. It aims to support scientific research centered on knowledge, valorization and preservation of Cultural Heritage, and to improve understanding of its value by encouraging dissemination to the general public.

Vast-Lab’s research focuses mainly on the creation and dissemination of international standards for dataset digitization and accessible database design, as well as on the development of technological platforms that guarantee interoperability between different archives and the stakeholders involved in their management.

Considerable attention is also paid on rationalizing knowledge through the creation and use of thesauri and shared knowledge databases, which promote the integration of data at the international level.


Vast-Lab research is focused on the use of ICT in the broader Cultural Heritage field. The main activities and the research carried on by Vast-Lab are:

– 3D documentation and scientific visualization

– Data digitisation: semantic, standards and interoperability

– Database design

– Professional training and research development

– Storytelling and communication of Culture and Cultural Heritage