set up the methodological, procedural, and organizational framework of a Competence Centre able to seamlessly work with a network of national, regional, and local Cultural Institutions, providing them with advice, support, and services focused on the preservation and conservation of historical monuments and sites.

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The main aim of the 4CH project is to design and set up a Competence Centre (CC) on the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. The Centre will offer knowledge (advice and support activities) and services to national and regional heritage agencies, cultural heritage institutions, professionals and citizens. The 4CH project will promote state-of- the-art ICT solutions including 3D digitization, which have great potential for documenting, monitoring, mitigating and preventing damage caused by natural degradation, human-related developments and disasters. Monuments, historic buildings and historic urban areas are a significant social and economic resource, important for European history and identity, and effective strategies for their conservation are of paramount importance for sustainable development that realizes the cultural, social and economic potential of areas and regions. The 4CH CSA action will pave the way for the future work of the Centre by raising awareness among institutions and professionals about innovative ICT solutions, the positive benefits of high-quality digitization of heritage assets and sustainable exploitation of the cultural, social and economic potential of the cultural heritage. The 4CH project will define the organizational framework and plan the activities of the future CC, designing and testing the infrastructure, tools and services which the CC will provide.


4CH is a Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission under Grant Agreement n.101004468 – 4CH