DMP Researcher Template for Archaeological Datasets

Mandatory questions are marked with an asterisk.


For Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

1. Data Summary

Please, include a brief description of the reason for collecting/creating data explaining the relation to the objectives of the project

You can select type and format from the documents suggested by Archaeology Data Service (ADS) (, or by the Data Archiving and Networked Services (KNAW­-DANS) (

Express the value in Gigabytes

You can select from the list or add a new entry in the field "Other"

Specify whether the data produced and/or used in the project is usable by third parties, in particular, after the end of the project. If the reuse of some data is restricted, explain why


2.1 Making data Findable, including provisions for metadata

To enable the discovery of content, describe research data as consistently and completely as possible. Include enough information for the data to be accessed and understood later on. If possible, use an existing metadata schema which fits the type of data object or dataset you are describing (source PARTHENOS FAIR Guidelines).
You can select from the list or add a new entry in the field “Other".
You can search for discipline-specific standards and associate tools browsing the Research Data Alliance Metadata Standard Catalogue here:

List any national standard used for metadata creation

You can select from the list or add a new entry in the field “Other"

Indicate what search keywords will be provided to make data findable

Global access mechanism

File naming best practices

2.2 Making data openly accessible

Describe the data made openly available.

2.3 Making data interoperable

Specify what standards you will use to facilitate interoperability. You can select from the list below or add a new entry in the field "Other"

Specify the data vocabularies you will follow to facilitate interoperability

2.4 Increase data reuse

Creative Common Licenses­OW­EU/1.0/­ EDU/1.0/­NC/1.0/­RUU/1.0/­CR/1.0/­ NC/1.0/­OKLR/1.0/­US/1.0/

For how to cite data you can consult

3. Allocation of resources

Please indicate the estimation of the total cost for the whole research life cycle (including also cost for archiving and long term preservation)

Specify which is the "unit" of archiving

Please, list the responsible actors/partners for every data life cycle activity

You can get help in calculating Research Data Management (RDM) cost with the Guide available at

You can select from the list or add a new entry in the field “Other"

4. Data Security

This section concerns data recovery as well as secure storage and transfer of sensitive data

5. Ethical aspects