Development and long-term sustainability of new pan-European research infrastructures 


E-RIHS – European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science

E-RIHS brings together 18 countries as founding members, 10 potential international countries as supporting partners and over 80 institutions. It will be located at E-RIHS headquarters and national hubs, fixed and mobile national infrastructures of recognized excellence, physically accessible collections/archives and virtually accessible heritage data.
E-RIHS aims at enabling the cross-disciplinary community to advance heritage science and give global access to distributed infrastructures all over Europe in a coordinated way. The establishment of E-RIHS in Europe is a joint target pursued by several communities acknowledging the need of an integrated approach. E-RIHS is now working on assembling a worldwide network of affiliated partners and creating a global research infrastructure with the support of the intergovernmental organization ICCROM.

  • Research Infrastructures
  • ICT, Culture and Cultural Heritage


2017 - 2020 (36 months).

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