Individual training: Mapping existing datasets to CIDOC-CRM 2016

ARIADNE’s Transnational Access (TNA) announced dates and venues for its 2016 edition. Also for this year, VAST-LAB is going to offer specific training aimed at researchers and professionals interested in conforming and mapping their datasets to the CIDOC CRM standard.

More specifically, the goals of the 2016 Individual training “Mapping existing datasets to CIDOC-CRM” will be

  •  to map their datasets to the CIDOC CRM standard to enable integration into wider frameworks such as ARIADNE. The transnational access will provide a summary background to the CIDOC CRM, show some case studies and some frequently used templates (e.g. for chronology, authorship, locations, etc.); time will be dedicated to developing the mappings of participants’ case studies under the supervision of specialists.
  • to design the structure of archaeological datasets containing scientific data (e.g. from archaeometallurgy, archaeobotany, dating methods, human remains, etc.), or to map existing ones to enable integration in wider frameworks for archaeological datasets. The transnational access will include provisions for specific data formats as required by the technologies and experiments; related information such as location, chronology, authors, technology and equipment used, etc. After an introduction, the activity will focus on the case study proposed by the participant.

More information about this training and how to participate is available at the following address

The deadline for the applications is 29th April 2016.

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